In 2001, my wife and I moved to a new home near Speedway, IN. We had been in our previous home for more than 20 years. In those 20 years I had never completely explored every nook and cranny of the attic; until we were about to move. The old homestead was a pre-World War II bungalow located in a Westside Indianapolis city neighborhood. I found a few surprises and treasures hidden under the dust and debris of more than 50 years…and this was one—a box of Christmas wrapping paper, holiday cards, and name tags. There was a receipt in the box. It was from L.S. Ayres, a defunct downtown Indy department store that was held dear by many especially during the holiday season. The receipt was dated November, 1954. The merchandise is 60 years old. Eric Benge, designer in the marketing department, very carefully (the paper would rip if you looked at it the wrong way!) scanned and edited these gems into some useful holiday eCards and desktop wallpaper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Merry Christmas.


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Desktop Wallpaper

Get your office into the Christmas spirit with these awesome vintage desktop wallpapers created from real wrapping paper over 60 years old!


Reindeer Wallpaper