Before I wrote this post, I Googled, “How many visits does the average blog receive per month?” (I know—too many words, right?) I browsed several WordPress forums and posts, and although I found no definitive answer, I did learn something. Exempting superstar and celebrity posts, the consensus was if you hit 1000 visits per month, you were doing pretty good. If you want to move past 1000 visits, how do you do it?

Our first TKO Brandwire blog post, Why Am I So Behind?, was posted July 15th, 2010. I think we had almost 100 visits that month. Pretty exciting stuff. Over the last three years, we’ve progressed from one to five posts per week, we’ve gone from writing about one or two topics to sharing about several, and we’ve learned a lot. Last month, August 2013, we had over 3000 visits to our site. Over half the visits were organic; people spent a good minute on the site and visited 1.37 pages. We’re not the biggest or best company blog, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. Here’s how we’ve done it.

Consistently Blog

We post on a regular schedule. For the last year and a half, we’ve used an editorial calendar. But it’s more than that—we’re ate up about posting. We don’t miss deadlines, and we don’t allow circumstances to get in the way. In business, as in life, the exception becomes the rule. We don’t make exceptions—we post.

Write and Post Frequently

As I stated earlier, we began modestly posting once per week. We’re now at five posts, and close to adding a sixth. The increased visits from posting more frequently is well documented. HubSpot provides great supporting evidence of this.

Present Quality in Your Blog

Okay, we’re not winning any writing awards, but we maintain a level of quality through hard work and consistent standards. Above all, we have an editing procedure we believe in and stick to.

Blog on Multiple Topics

We don’t limit ourselves to industry topics. Our first post wasn’t about graphics; it was about time management. As a B2B, we believe we can help any organization. We consistently find new followers, many of whom, become customers by NOT exclusively writing about our industry. In addition to writing about our industry, we also share interesting, informative, and problem solving posts—even if it’s about cats.

In 2010, we had little idea we’d be at 3000 visits per month three years later. Back then, had you told us we’d reach 1000 per month, we would’ve been ecstatic. But now, after hitting 3000, we want more. We will continue to do what got us here… just more of it. Our next milestone is 5000, then 10,000 then…

Do you have a company blog? If your numbers are beating us, please share how you’ve accomplished this. We’re listening. And… if you’d like to write for us, we’d be thrilled to consider your ideas.