The previous recruiting post, “Where are the Best Employee Recruits,” shared social networks, employment sites, and government agencies where employment ads may be posted, and recruiting opportunities exist.

Quality vs. Quantity Ads

The more specific an ad, the less responses you’ll receive. A more general ad will garner MORE responses. For example, a team leader I worked with ran an ad for a carpenter. The ad listed requirements for the position as, “a late model truck, all tools, 5 years on the previous job, excellent driving record, credit check, background check, willingness to travel, work weekends,” etc. Guess what? There were very few calls, and no interviews. Do you want to eliminate candidates before they respond, or would you rather have more responses to choose from?

Over-Qualify, and You’ll Meet Less Candidates Face-to-Face

You’ve placed an ad, and you’re receiving emails, resumes, and the phone is ringing. The next step is to interview candidates in-person. This is not to over-qualify, eliminating candidates before an interview. Don’t give too much information about the job. You may scare a qualified candidate away. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t disclose requirements of the job such as hours, pay, transportation etc., but keep in mind, you’re trying to bring candidates in for an interview, aren’t you?

Interview The Best Candidates

• DON’T over-qualify
• DO eliminate candidates who don’t meet basic requirements
• Compliment something you like — their experience, time on the job, etc
• Schedule interviews ASAP — according to my findings, every day you wait to schedule the interview, there’s a 20%+ chance they’ll not show for the interview
• Tell the candidate you’ll personally visit with them
• Record their name, phone number, and email
• Keep it short and sweet — remember, your task is to bring candidates in for an interview, not to interview candidates over the phone

I’ve often observed team leaders eliminate possibly qualified candidates before they’ve given them a chance. Take your time, review the information, and schedule the best candidates for face-to-face interviews.

In the next post, I’ll share a few thoughts about conducting interviews — and I don’t ask about unicorns.

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