In this video, Drew Lannerd, a 12-year board member, shares a little about the Good News Ministries. “Good News Mission was founded in 1950 strictly as a rescue mission for homeless men. In 1983, Good News Mission moved to its current location at 2716 E. Washington Street on the near eastside. Due to the great needs of the surrounding community and our desire to help all of those who are disadvantaged, we felt there was a tremendous responsibility and opportunity for Good News Mission to offer vital human services for needy women and children, as well as homeless men.”

The Bus

One of the primary functions of the bus is transporting disadvantaged inner city youth. They travel to and from their 145-acre camp as well as various field trips. One of the favorites trips was a Kings Island excursion.  The youth are instructed in vocational training, coping strategies, and given spiritual guidance.

Because their is little in the world more important than helping others we at TKO support Good New Ministries outreaches. So, when we believe in something we do more than talk about it — we take action. Therefore, TKO is proud to support GNM.

TKO Graphix Contribution

TKO has been involved with Good News Ministries for four years. We’ve helped with graphics, painted and decaled vehicles. More significantly we’ve participated in their work training program. We hire homeless men rescued by Good News and teach them a trade. Beginning with vehicle cleaning, de-identification, and decal application they may advance to refurbishing trailers. Eventually, installing add-on products to tractor-trailers, and performing preventive maintenance—all marketable skills. We support Good News Ministries and are proud to partner with them.  If you’d like to offer your support go to How You Can Help.