Can you imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a design team to blue print a new exterior sign, only to learn it doesn’t meet code or local ordinances? Then learning you must start over, incurring more design fees? Without proper preparation, this and worse happens.

Do It Right the First Time

TKO Graphix national account manager, Glenn Burris, consulted with Hahn Systems regarding the monument sign featured in this video, which was designed, fabricated, and installed by TKO Signs. It began with Glenn and Lee Faulkner, head of TKO Signs, completing a site survey. The survey included measuring the grounds, inspecting the area, and gathering information for the exterior sign permit process, which can be challenging. We’re happy to help our customers with this often confusing and frustrating aspect of exterior signage. For anyone uninitiated in the procedure, it can be more than a headache — it can be a nightmare. Stories abound of completed signs scraped because they didn’t meet code. Lee and his team have been handling the sign permit process over 30 years, and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Hahn Systems, LLC., “Is a wholesale distributor of industrial and construction supplies, in business since 1938.” They describe their operation as a “One stop shop for pneumatics, nails, staples, and all types of fastener products.”

If you’d like to learn more about the exterior sign process, or would like a free site inspection let us know.

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