It’s easy to be humble when you know you’re flawed. I’m inattentive, I move from thought to thought, I often jump to conclusions, and sometimes I have a 13-year-old boy’s sense of humor. I recently received a few compliments I’m very proud of. One was, “There are people who make those around them better — you’re one of those people.” The other, “Good things happen to people around Randy.” I’m honored and humbled — I do try to help others. I was once asked if I enjoy helping others for my ego, or simply for the joy of helping. I’m not sure, and I’m not certain it matters.

5 Ways to Help Others

  • See more in people than they see in themselves – Early in my career, I was fortunate to have a mentor share strengths and potentials he identified in me that I wasn’t aware of. His observations changed my life.
  • Share what you know — Don’t be shy. Share your knowledge. Train, teach, present, and offer to meet one-on-one.
  • Share what you’ve learned — Let others know your successes, but more importantly, share your mistakes. Give others a chance to learn from your miscues. Inform them of pitfalls, roadblocks, and challenges they may face.
  • Keep an open mind – You may not have the best or only idea. Not only support the ideas and initiatives of others, but also ask for their opinions and advice. Be a positive influence.
  • Be a mentor — Take people under your wing. Help others get what they want by giving them what they need.

Make a Difference

You may not be Michael Jordan, but you can elevate those around you. Share your talents, give your heart, be courageous, and make a difference. Who have you helped recently?