What’s the hungriest you’ve ever been? Have you ever gone days without food? Were you ever faced with the uncertainty of where your next meal would come from? Have you ever been desperate enough to eat food out of a trash bin? I haven’t. Can you imagine. Help us stamp out hunger.

Are You Food Fortunate?

I had my time as a starving artist when I existed on three loaves of bread, two dozen eggs, and a jar of peanut butter week after week (I lost 20 pounds and can tell you more things to do with those three ingredients than you want to know). But I was never truly hungry. I’ve been fortunate. Others aren’t so lucky.

I know some will say if people want to eat they need to work. Before you jump on that bandwagon consider the following:

It can be difficult to find food when you’re homeless. The average age of a homeless person in America is nine-years-old. It’s hard to find a job at nine at nine years of age. Open Door Mission

Do the Math

The average cost of a weeks’ worth of food for a family of four is more than $200. — Loaves and Fishes. A member of the working poor making minimum wage grosses $290 per week at 40 hours. After taxes that’s about $230 net. Even with two working adults, that’s only $460 take-home per week. After buying food $250-260 remains. The average two-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis rents for $932– Rent Jungle, which averages $215 per week. We’re down to $35-45 remaining per week. What about clothing, school lunches, health care, day care, personal hygiene products, utilities, laundry…

One in Five Families

One in five families, with children, surveyed in Indianapolis, struggle to afford enough food to feed their young. And many, If not most, are hardworking Hoosiers trying their best. Just take one look at the previous paragraph—the numbers don’t add up. Something has to give and too often what gives is food. Oh sure, people can live missing a meal here and there. As obsessed as this nation is with weight maybe it’s a good thing. But consider this; if it were your kids what would you give up? Would it be your children’s dinner?

Help Us Stamp out Hunger

At TKO we’re passionate about food. We support organizations all year long that help the hungry, and we participate in two annual food drives at our facility.

If you’d like to help here are a few resources.

Second Helpings Hunger Relief

Feed the Children

Dalton’s Food Pantry


If you’re not in Central Indiana there are plenty of resources in your area that would appreciate your help. Be the change, help stamp out hunger.