TKO Graphix believes a healthy team is a happy and productive team. The last few years we’ve initiated wellness programs, brought in health consultants, offered free health screening and organized a wellness committee. The committee of volunteers from various departments has done a wonderful job of promoting health and wellness. They’ve administered effective weight loss challenges, the last was called “Thin it to Win it” along with exercise and healthy eating contests and promotions. As I said, they do a great job. And why shouldn’t that be shared? If you’re looking for ideas to promote a happy and healthy work environment, here’s an easy to do corporate wellness activity.

The Brown Bag Challenge

Our wellness team launched this initiative in August. It’s four weeks of healthy brown bag lunches. Every employee can join in, all they need do is bring a healthy homemade, brown bag lunch four days a week for four weeks. Each employee was given a brown bag full of healthy treats and a card to track their progress to kick off the action. All employees who complete the challenge and turn in their tracking card will be entered into a drawing. Please feel free to copy the call to action below and download the tracking form.

Home-packed lunches 4 days a week for 4 weeks…Can you do it?

Brown-bag lunches have countless health and economical benefits. By packing your own lunch and snacks, you have control over ingredients and portions, making it easier to keep your diet in check. Brown-bagging it also saves money — restaurant and fast-food lunches can run up to $15 per day; imagine saving that money instead.

We know planning lunches can be difficult. With all the other responsibilities at home and at work, grabbing lunch on-the-go is often the easiest option. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and we know you love a challenge! So for the month of August, we’re challenging TKO employees to eat a home-packed lunch at least 4 days of the workweek

The Challenge

  • Bring your lunch to work at least 4 days a week for 4 weeks — (August 3- August 28). That’s only 16 total lunches…come on, you can do it!
  • No takeout, fast food, or restaurant food is allowed to be packed — you’ve got to pack your own healthy lunches right at home.
  • Each week we’ll offer recipes, tips, and inspiration to help with the struggles of packing a lunch.

Here’s What to Do

1. Shoot for whole foods most of the time. That means fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and healthy fats.

2. If you’re packing a sandwich, always choose whole grain bread. Whole wheat, brown rice, oats, etc. should always be the first ingredient on the package.

3. If you’re running short on time and absolutely need to pack a frozen meal (we’ll let you slide a few times!), but don’t make it a habit. If you must choose a frozen meal, read the nutrition label! Shoot for an entrée that’s under 350 calories (give or take), has at least 3 grams of fiber (this will fill you up!) and no more than 600 mg of sodium.

4. Each day you bring in a healthy lunch, mark it on your calendar. Calendars are being handed out with goodies by the Wellness Committee today! Turn your calendars into Sandy Puttkammer by September 4th to be eligible for the prize drawings.

5. We’ve added a make up week just in case you’re on vacation during the challenge. So, no excuses people!

The Ultimate Goal

To realize eating healthy lunches brought from home is a super easy way to eat healthier while saving a few bucks!

Having Fun with Health

One of the cornerstones of any productive team is positive attitude. Creating a culture where people feel appreciated is a good place to start. And one of the best ways  any business can show they care is through a wellness program. If you want to create some positive vibes and workplace fun, take on the “Brown Bag” challenge. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask our Wellness team. They handle questions very… “well”.