Our first Holiday Wishes post was published in 2010, Your Ultimate Holiday Wish. We continued with Holiday Wishes 2011Holiday Wishes 2012Holiday Wishes IVHoliday Wishes V, Holiday Wishes VI, Holiday Wishes VII, and  Holiday Wishes VIII. Our newest compilation, Holiday Wishes IX, is our ninth edition. Over the years we’ve collected and posted hundreds of wishes. Many are sincere, some are tongue-in-cheek, and others are, well, you should read for yourself. And don’t just read this newest installment of Holiday Wishes but dive back in time to wishes of days past. It’s a fun trip.  Enjoy.

Holiday Wishes!

Jen Booth — My Christmas wish is for improved health and wellness in my family, a safe Colorado snow season, and for more joy, kindness, and peace on earth.

Carol Stephen  – My holiday wish is that everyone who lost their home due to the Camp Fire will find a new home before Christmas!

Mandi Welch  – All I wish is for everyone to feel safe, warm, well, and cared for/about this holiday season. I also hope everyone else’s wishes come true too.

Erik Deckers  – I’d like to wish everyone a great holiday and a new year that brings joy to being curious, and an itch to gain new knowledge.

robbyslaughter  – That we forgive each other, that we forgive ourselves, and that we move forward with lessons learned.

Marie Lank  – Marie Lank – I’m wishing for us to have work coming in 2019 for Statesboro TKO.

Rocky Walls This year my wish is this: that we all can be fully present with our friends and family, listening more than talking and loving more than judging. I hope we can give the gift of being someone who cares – it’s free and easy.

Kristi Thacker My wish is simple this year – My wish for this holiday season is that everyone gets to spend a little bit of time doing something they love with the people they love. Enjoy the little moments in life – they are what make it special. Happy Holidays!

Mike Magan To make the “right” choice when faced with the thousands of decisions that will affect my health in 2019. I have certain physical and mental health goals I would like to achieve by the time I’m 50 in 2021. No surprise, 2019 will be a crucial year of new habit forming.

Monica Browne Reilly  Here is my Christmas wish, that we all look with fresh eyes and gentleness at each other. That we have love in our hearts, not simply tolerance for each other.

Pamela Reilly  I wish that everyone would experience perfect acceptance, more love, and no judgement.

John Paul Aguiar  — As I get older I find small things are making me happy. Small things have me appreciative, keep me happy. But mainly I am Thankful for my health, without that nothing else really matters. Secondly, there is my family, my friends…thankful that things in my life are getting better and I’m hitting most of the goals I have set for myself the past few years. Lastly, I am Thankful for being and staying  engaged and excited about growing my business. Something I have been doing for so long I’ve forgot what it’s like to have a normal 9 to 5. Passion is a beautiful thing…it keeps you working and grinding and reaching for more, for better.

jeffstanger – My wish is for people to slow down, turn off the noise and rhetoric that is dividing our nation and just learn to appreciate each other. I went to 3 funerals in 10 days just before Thanksgiving this year. To quote Collective Soul of all people, “This blessedness of life, sometimes brings me to my knees.” Let’s look for the everyday gifts that are all around us this Christmas.

Jarred Juett  “I wish everyone another year of thoughtful, peaceful reflection. We’re going to need a bunch of collective brain power to get our grand, experimental union back on track so we can focus once again on making our individual lives bright and meaningful. Here’s to a forward-thinking

Amber Powers – My wish for 2019 is for everyone to find their circle of people and that they choose their friendships wisely. My circle that surrounds me inspires me constantly. I look up to them and I look to them when I need  direction in my own life. Fill your life with people that you hope to be like. Know that you’re valuable and you’re worth the investment of love and time. Happiest of Holidays to each and every one of you.

Chris Theisen My wish is that cancer stops rearing its ugly head so often.

Avidmode (Gem) Wishing for snow, fun family times and great food. Also want to send best wishes to our #DigiBlogChat/Tweetchat friends!

Larry Mount  — My wish is to try and see family and friends and to make somebody else’s wish come true.

Team TKO Holiday Wishes

Lola – Everybody have a very very merry happy Christmas!

Colin – Safe travels and time with family for everyone.

Ronnie – For negativity to disappear worldwide.

James R – Beat Clemson!

Nate – That all his kids get together this year.

Eli – A white Christmas and the bears make the playoffs!

Bryan – A safe holiday and travel for all.

Tye – A safe 2019 for everyone.

Jamie – Happy and safe holiday.

Nick – All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.

Mike W – Wishes for Tracy and anyone not doing well to get better.

Krista – I wish I had a lawyer!

Buffie – For her granddaughter to get better.

Deonna – For a safe plane trip to Florida.

Kim – Her wish is for Buffie’s granddaughter, Jennifer, and anyone battling anything to get better.

Sarah – Wishes it was summertime.

Robin – Wants peace on Earth.

Joel – Wishes everyone a great Christmas!

Brian – That all of our family and friends are healthy and happy.

Kevin – Happiness for his team.

Meagan – To not lose my sanity!

Tia – For everyone to have an awesome Christmas!

Sarah – To pay my rent.

Scott – To be a member of a touring band.

Mike F – To win the lottery!

Lee – Wanted to wish Jamee a Merry Christmas and thank her for the Hendricks Regional mail out!

Chase – That all the children get everything they want.

Holly – To spend as much time with family and loved ones as we all can.

Jamee – Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Taylor – Wants everyone to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday.

James – Wished for safe travels for everyone.

Becky – Wished for the best for all of the TKO family in 2019!

Amy – For those who suffer from disease to get the cure.

Mhariel – For people to be able to enjoy time with loved ones and happy holidays for all!

Penny – Everyone stay happy and healthy.

Tenneva – That Santa brings our soldiers home.

Sandy – Healthy recoveries in 2019!

Blake – For all to have a healthy and happy holiday season.

Bryan – A Bugatti Veyron.

Nancy – Alisha to have twins!!

Happy Holidays from Me 

On Thanksgiving eve my wife, our friend Sally, and a dozen or so others sat in the basement of a local church and shared what we were grateful for. Many were grateful for their and their family’s health. Others for the good fortune they’d attained, and still others for the love they gave and received. One of the grateful friends shares resonated with me. She said life is good and then explained why. It wasn’t because she had everything she wanted, or that everything went her way. She talked of recent health challenges her husband had faced, how happy she was that he was sitting next to her holding her hand. When she finished, I asked if I might share. I thanked her for speaking from the heart and agreed that yes indeed life is good. I was sitting with my best friend, my wife, any problems we had were petty and first world. I know when I was younger, I’d get caught up in the drama of the day and lose sight of the big picture. With the hindsight of age, at least for me, it’s easier to see past what in the long run really doesn’t matter and understand what truly matters. Life is good.

My wish is for the spirit of the season to fill us all with a little more love, compassion, and understanding. I wish to be more considerate of others, share more love, and pray for others to pray for me. Happy Holidays! Now go spread some holiday cheer.

Photo by Marina Khrapova on Unsplash