This video features an exterior sign, fabricated by TKO Signs for MS Companies. I watched the production from layout to installation, and the video doesn’t do the sign justice. MS Companies resides between two major thoroughfares, and the sign lights up the night. Several friends who commute in the area have mentioned how effective the sign is. You can’t miss it.

Flexible face has replaced rigid plastic for many sign applications, and their advantages include:
• Flexible face signs are designed to withstand 110–140mph wind
• They don’t shatter. Rigid plastic may shatter in high winds, sending shards in all directions
• Polycarbonate signs, 10’ x 10’ or more, require a center seam, which can be unsightly
• Flexible material retains its shape better than rigid plastics
• Materials such as Panaflex™ Awning and Sign Facing Series 946GPS (pdf) offer more vibrant colors
• Flexible signs are often less labor intensive, making them more cost effective
• They offer more print options for designers
• The material is dirt resistant for a cleaner looking sign

According to Sign, “Flexible-face, or flexible plastic in layman’s terms, was developed as an alternative to rigid-faced substrates like acrylic, plastic and polycarbonates and is getting more and more popular in the marketplace. Most of the signs you see in stadiums and sports arenas are flexible, as are most high-rise freeway signs.”

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