Computer finishing with large format graphics means using software to direct a plotter to cut “out” a decal. Previously, this was done by hand with a blade and could take hundreds of man-hours on one job. Now it can be done in a fraction of the time.

It begins with a project or job file folder, which is assigned to the best suited plotter (we have four). After assigning the plotter, the blade will accurately and quickly cut the decal as needed. The video does a better job of explaining how it works. In this case “the video” is worth a thousand words.

And… We Have a New, Faster Plotter!

Since shooting this video, we’ve added another plotter. It’s a Zund G3, and we believe it will help us be even more efficient for our customers. According to Christine Darling, TKO’s finishing manager, the Zund doesn’t page — in other words, it pulls the next sheet up automatically, thus, significantly reducing production time.”

The Zund website had this to say: “Zünd G3 eliminates the bottlenecks in your finishing department by automating all cutting/trimming functions. Manual cutting, with all inherent costs, potential for mistakes, and lack of efficiency, is reduced to an absolute minimum. With optimized workflow, G3 further boosts productivity.”

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