Okay, I don’t like posts comparing two dissimilar things, stretching what they have in common, and then sharing them as if they’re world-shattering revelations. I don’t believe I’ve ever written one – until now. But there’s a reason, at least for me social media marketing is like a grocery store.

You see, I grew up in the grocery business. My mom and pop owned a convenience store that I grew up working in. It was the family business, and the family worked in it. As a young adult, I worked for a national supermarket chain. Today much of my job is SMM (Social Media Marketing), but I still love grocery stores. And I especially appreciate grocery stores that are well kept and well managed. I was shopping for my dad earlier at my local Kroger’s and sought out the produce manager to tell him how much I appreciated his department.  As I wandered the store, I thought about how much a good store is like good social media marketing. So, how is social media marketing like a grocery store?


If you don’t have the product the customer wants they’ll go somewhere else to find it. And whether that happens in a grocery, or on a website, it’s difficult to get that customer back. Your product needs to be high quality, fit the needs of your target audience, and meet the price point that fits the customer’s budget. When it comes to product social media marketing is like a grocery store.


In a grocery, displays are designed to draw the consumer’s attention, and then hold it by sharing a great offer, special promotion, new idea, or just something fun, which leads to a call to action. It’s the same with social media marketing, whether it’s a social media post, a newly published blog, or website content the same formula applies – grab your audience’s attention, hold it, and then share a call to action.


Grocery stores are often reset, moving products to new areas, to change the traffic flow of customers as they travel the aisles. Groceries plan the journey by how they set aisles. On a website, the journey begins with the pages visitors land on. When it’s not well planned the journey may be short-lived.

Why Social Media Marketing is Like as Grocery Store  

There are other comparisons, knowing your target audience, understanding their pain, and solving their problems. Knowledge of your industry and competitors is critical in social media marketing as well as in the grocery business. Offering good customer service and putting your client’s first are important to both. But the lessons of product, display, and traffic rang out to me as I walked the grocery filling my father’s cart. Social media marketing is like a grocery store.

I wonder why they moved the Little Debbie display. I got Nutty Buddies for my dad and Swiss Roles for me.

Photo Credit: Unsplash