The trucking industry — sometimes referred to as Transportation or Logistics — is huge in North America and around the globe. It’s bigger than huge. If affects most parts of daily American life. The trucking industry affects you, and it’s a big part of TKO Graphix’s business. According to the Bureau of Transportation, trucking accounts for nearly 60% of all shipping in our country, more than tripling rail and water transportation, and three times more than what is shipped via pipeline. When the trucking industry is impacted, we are all affected.

How the Trucking Industry Affects You 

Higher costs on fuel and equipment, along with regulations on capacity and driver’s hours, hit all of us. The cost of clothing, hardware — even the cars we drive — are impacted by trucking costs. The industry is so large that savings of only a fraction of a cent per vehicle add up to millions when multiplied by the 11,717 million tons of freight shipped annually. As well, it affects more than the cost of material goods – it affects the availability. Without the trucking industry, we would be hard pressed to have avocados and apples from the west coast available on the east coast. Without a viable, healthy, and profitable trucking industry, our entire supply system could topple, affecting food, medicine, and fuel distribution.

Here’s Where We Take a Stand 

The TKO Brandwire Blog has always steered clear of politics and controversy. We have always believed a business blog is not the place to express political beliefs. However, we will inform you of industry related news, and we’ll occasionally offer our own perspective on legislation affecting the trucking industry. Our customers need to be informed, and we’ll be glad to share and lend support. There is a time to stand and be counted, and for TKO Graphix, the time is now.