The TKO Graphix finishing department has a brag board. Its purpose is to share fun and positive things at work. Right at the top of the board, it says, “Finishing Department Brag Board.” So, what do you post on brag board?

The Finishing Department Brag Board

The Finishing department brag board is a place for team members to share fun and positive moments. On the bottom of the board, it states, “Positive thoughts.”

Caught Ya!

One of the most popular items on the board is a form that says, “Caught Ya Doing Something Right!” Anyone, in or outside of the finishing department, can recognize another’s positive contributions. The form has a place for the individual’s name, what was appreciated, and who recognized them. Here are a few examples from the board.

  • “Came in to help on her day off!”
  • “Did a great job filling in while the team leader was off work.”
  • “Stepping up and helping while the manager was on vacation.”
  • “The work you’ve done, especially your color tab idea. It made work in distribution easier and less confusing. Thank you!” (This was from a manager of a different department.)

There are holiday photos such as the team dressing up in costume for Halloween and last year’s Christmas luncheon.

Speech Speech!

Group photos abound, like the photo where the department is sitting on the platform that Vice President Pence and other dignitaries would occupy later that same day during a tax reform roundtable.

There are photos of luncheons, charitable events, and wellness initiatives.

Work anniversaries are recognized; currently there are certificates posted for four years, three years, and one.

But Why Does Anyone Need or Want a Brag Board?

Why take the time and resources to create a brag board? Because it means something to the team. For an employee to see their name on the board in appreciation of a job well done helps them feel appreciated, engaged, and happy. And happy employees are more productive and less likely to be looking for a new job.