A common issue in training is the lack of follow-up training, and according to a study by River Parishes Community College, 50-80% of initial training is lost within 24 hours. However, by following up the second day, with as little as 10 minutes of review, the retention nears 100%. After 30 days, most people have lost 97-98% of the information—unless it has been reviewed. The more it’s reviewed, the more it’s retained.

How do you follow up?

• Quiz the previous day’s key points
• Send an email asking for examples of implementing the training
Meet with each trainee after the training session
• Continuously repeat the training

The key is follow-up training; think about it—you can raise the retention of training by up to 90%! How would this impact your operation?

If you want Employee Training to be Retained, be sure it’s Valuable

Employee training should be useful, pertinent, and fit the needs of trainees. It must support organizational policy and procedure. I’ve conducted training sessions on subjects near and dear to my heart — subjects I was passionate about, and been disappointed, when the trainees didn’t share my enthusiasm. The trainees didn’t embrace the training because it didn’t fit the needs of the trainees. When planning a training session, ask yourself the following questions:

• Does the training fit the needs of the trainees?
• Will it improve the job, results, activities, or team?
• Does the training adhere to organizational policies and procedures?
• When and how will the trainees use this?

Because you’re passionate about a subject, doesn’t mean your direct reports will be. Do they actually need the information? Is it information they can use? How do you determine if the training is valuable? Ask them. Download this sample survey, and as always, you may want to adapt the survey to your needs, or create your own. The survey uses open-ended questions — as they should be more than yes or no answers. I want to know what they’re thinking, and what they remember, don’t you?