We recently updated our outside sales job description. We began the process by asking everyone to complete a six part blank job description, which included explanations and directions for each section. Next, the completed forms were gathered, analyzed, and compared. A compilation Job Description (JD) was approved and introduced to the sales personnel.

How will it be Used?

The new Job Description will improve the recruiting process by focusing on the key responsibilities. We’ve already begun using it with current staff for goal tracking, training, and accountability. It may be used in employee orientation as well as for setting performance standards, performance review preparation, and disciplinary action.

How Difficult was the Process?

This process was comparatively easy, simple, and completed in a two weeks. Everyone on the team was part of the process and added their input to the final product. It’s a job description they believe in. The process was a positive help oriented initiative that will guide our team for all of 2014 and beyond. The form isn’t limited to sales but can be used for most positions.

The Process

• Ask all current employees, in the position, to complete the form
• Review and compare the forms
• Compile a job description from the shared information
• Conduct a meeting to review the completed JD point by point
• Gain commitments from all to abide by and embrace the new JD

What Should Be On A Job Description Form

• Job Title

• Job Summary– The job summary introduces the position and shares a job functions overview. It should focus on the basics—not the step-by-step details of the position. It should be concise, sticking to the primary job functions and should be limited to a one or two sentences. 

• Key Responsibilities– The key word here is…key. Attempting to list every task down to the smallest detail will only confuse what’s important. List the top 5 to 10 responsibilities. Beginning each one with an action verb such as coordinate, implement, or organize will focus the responsibilities on expectations.

• Minimum Job Requirements– To determine the minimum requirements, look to the successful people in the position, what traits and experiences do they share?

• Education

• Experience 

• Special Skills, Certifications, and Licenses 

• Physical Requirements– Such as the ability to drive, lift, or stand.

⌸ Download The Job Description Template (Microsoft Word)

Disclaimer – This isn’t a complete list of all job responsibilities, but a summary of the current functions of the job. The responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined here, and additional duties may be assigned.

Is it Time for Updated Job Descriptions?

If it is, please feel free to use this form. The only thing I ask is to share how your process progressed. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the process further—give me a call. Randy 317-306-9703.