Two weeks ago, we posted, How to Install a Window Cling (In 1.5 Minutes). Although wall graphics are similar to window clings, installation is slightly different. This video shows how to install wall graphics in under two minutes.

How To Use Wall Graphics

Wall graphics may be used almost anywhere traditional interior signage is used — and often — at a fraction of the cost. We use wall graphics in many ways at our facilities. Our VP of operations has a quote on the wall behind his desk, and there are inspirational quotes throughout the building with three in the installation bay alone. TKO Signs has a pastoral scene on two walls, while production has a wall-size tracker board, 30-foot tall sports figures, and various way-finders. One wall in the TKO repair shop has a TKO service wall graphic, and our fulfillment area shelving end-caps include graphics of schematics. The wall adjoining production and shipping has 100 feet of photos listing our services and showing employees in action. There are safety regulations, instructions, and where to place tools and recyclables throughout the building. Oh, and a big highlight for our facility tours? One of our break rooms has a wall mural that covers the entire room, displaying all kinds of cool bikes.

The next time you need to inform or direct customers or employees, liven up your work place, or showcase your products and services, you might consider wall graphics.

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