Does the world seem to be speeding up? Is it because I’m older or are things faster than they were 10, 15, or 20 years ago? The pace of new information is nearing light speed. Does the ever increasing access to information make society more likely to switch loyalties to the next greenest grass? Is it more difficult to keep clients happy than it was a few years ago? Can customer loyalty be nurtured, and if so how can this be accomplished?

4 Ways to Keep Clients Happy 

Help Them

If you want to build relations and keep clients happy begin by helping your customers. Learn their industry and business and then solve their problems. Send them business. Introduce prospects to them and broadcast their products and services. Like them on Facebook. Retweet them on Twitter. Support their efforts. If they invite you to an event, whether it’s an open house, golf outing or convention—go.  If you can help in ways other than your product or service, do it. For example, I’ve helped numerous customers with their SMM (social media marketing) for no other reason than I could help.

Make it Personal

Get to know your customers, and not just their business. What are their hobbies and interests? When appropriate ask about their families. Keep a notebook with spouse’s names, kid’s names, and activities. How impressed would you be if a company representative walked into your office and said, “Little John’s starting his first year at Purdue, isn’t he?” Know what charities, schools, and sports teams your client supports.

Introduce Your Team

Give your loyal customer access to your entire team but especially the boss. Introduce your client to the president, CEO, and COO. Whenever possible make it face-to-face. Give customers the opportunity to tour your facilities and meet the faces behind your product.

Treat Them Special

They are special you know. Without loyal customers, your business becomes harder, much harder. Give them a fast pass and let them cut in line. Make it easy to communicate. Assign a CSR to them. Give them unsolicited promos and perks, such as discounts or promotional gifts.

Some Things Haven’t Changed

The world may be revolving at a faster clip. There may be more demands on people than ever before, but some things are constant. And one of those things is when you treat people with consideration most remember. Will everyone? Nope, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try or you should give up when they don’t. If you treat your customers with respect, help them, and become their friend many will become more than customers. They’ll become partners. And that’s a great way to do business.