FAQ: How to Maintain Your SignYour interior and exterior signs are valuable marketing tools and big investments. Unlike most forms of advertising, signs occasionally require service. Proper maintenance of your sign will help you get the most out of it for years to come. It’s best to use licensed and experienced professionals to complete sign maintenance. Knowledge of sign design, fabrication, and installation – along with the proper tools and parts – are critical to proper sign maintenance.

What Should Sign Maintenance Include?

Inspection – Signs should typically be inspected twice per year. All electrical components should be checked – the base, runway wiring, sockets, and lamps. Any burnt wires, sockets, or bulbs should be immediately replaced. All retainers, which attach the sign to the surface, should be checked for looseness and replaced or repaired as needed.

Cleaning – This should be done at least once per year or more, depending on the environment, and whether it’s an interior or exterior sign. To properly clean a sign, all faces must be removed. Once removed, the face backs and cabinet interiors can be thoroughly cleaned. If you’ve ever cleaned the inside of an interior light fixture, you know how much dust and junk can gather. Cleaning will help your sign function at its best, and could avoid service issues caused by accumulation of debris. *
* Inspections and cleaning should be performed by signage professionals

What If You Need Service?

Whether a sign is exposed to the elements, or protected on an interior wall, parts will eventually wear and need replaced. Standard sign services include:

Repair – Fixing storm damage, replacing faded faces, and restoring signs and awnings damaged by vehicles are the most common sign repairs.

LED Retrofit – Modern LED lighting is not only efficient, but cost-effective. Replacing older neon or florescent lighting with LED can bring new life to a sign and cut electric usage.

Removal – If it’s time for a new sign, or a new building, removal should include patching the substrate and capping all electrical.

Servicing and maintaining your sign protects your investment and allows the sign to do what you want it to do — advertise your good name, product, service, and location. We’ve all seen damaged, dirty, and faded signs, or lit signs with unlit letters. These un-maintained signs not only don’t do their job — they detract from a company’s image. If you’d like to know more about sign maintenance contact us. We’re GLAD to help.

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