I spend two hours per day on social media for TKO Graphix. I administrate 18 accounts, a blog on which we publish six posts per week, as well as creating one or two videos per month. Don’t get me wrong, I get help; others do a great job editing video, posting images, writing an occasional post.

I’m not alone

The other day, one of our VP’s asked if I should consider spending more time on leadership training and less on social media. I said I could do both. Next she asked if I had trained anyone to help me with social media. I explained I had made a checklist, but it would take too much time for others to complete it. One of the reasons she asked is that I’m going on vacation, and she knew that for the last several years I always work on the road during my time off. She looked at me and said you need to stop doing that and train someone to help with social media. She asked, “Couldn’t you make a simpler checklist for others to use?” She had a point. I could.

How much is Enough?

I schedule more than 50 tweets daily on four accounts, which takes me less than an hour. I’ve had a lot of practice. The strategy works well, but would not be worth spending several hours on. I’m working on a new plan for others to use when filling in for me. It’s 12 tweets per day total on the four accounts. Once trained, anyone could  accomplished this in minutes. I’m doing the same with all of TKO’s social networks. The key is to consider the value of the time someone would need to invest verse the return.

How to spend Your Minutes

Be social – Five Minutes in the morning and five in the afternoon. Check twitter retweets, likes, mentions, and follows. Respond by saying thank you, sharing, or conversing. The same goes for Facebook notifications; LinkedIn likes, shares, and comments as well as Goggle +, Pinterest, Instagram and any networks your organization use.

Post and Schedule – 10 to 20 minutes in the morning. Post and schedule three to four tweets per account, one or two Facebook posts, three or four Pinterest, one or two G+ and one or two LinkedIn. Keep it short, sweet and simple. These include shares from others as well as internally cretaed content.

What about All the Other Stuff?

What about analytics, copywriting, video, and image production? There will be time. Analytics doesn’t have to be part of the daily routine it could be 20-30 minutes on a weekly basis. Copywriting and blog posting need to be a time intense project to get ahead of the game and then once you’re ahead it’s easy-peasy. It’s the same with video—get ahead, and schedule time weekly.

Make a Plan to Save Time

I’m working on my social media checklist and will begin training someone to fill in when I’m unavailable to administrate our social networks. They may not do as much as I do, but it will be enough. And the more they practice the more they will be able to do. There was a time it took me an hour to post 20 tweets. How much time do you and your team spend on social media?