I’ve shared thoughts on the future of trucking safety technology with, When Vehicles Talk to Each Other What Will They Say? As well as A Train of Trailers Down the Center Lane. But what technology is in use today that’s making our highways safer?

Seven Trucking Safety Technology Innovations in use today

Before sharing the seven I’d like to share a trucking safety technology that is very close to happening. And that’s automatic braking systems. These systems are already on many cars and soon will be available on most as optional or aftermarket.

“The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has acceded to a formal request that it consider requiring that new trucks be equipped with forward-collision-mitigation systems that incorporate automatic emergency braking.” — TruckingInfo.com

Lucky Seven

  1. Review Camera – Cameras giving a clear view of the road behind a tractor-trailer can inform them of approaching traffic they may be unable to see without the camera.
  2. Blind Warning System – If you’ve ever sat in the cab of a 53-foot tractor-trailer you know there are blind spots. The system alerts the driver to traffic entering blind spots.
  3. Interior Camera – How can an interior camera add to safety? By monitoring the driver. Automobiles are the cause of eighty percent of trucking accidents. However, one of the largest causes of trucker created accidents is drowsiness.
  4. Stability Control – Keep that sway from getting away, and it may help with load management as well.
  5. Anti-lock Brakes – Most modern vehicles have anti-lock brakes, which can become critical for a 40,000-pound vehicle traveling at 55 MPH when it needs to stop quickly.
  6. Collision Avoidance – Signaling impending collisions helps the driver avoid catastrophe.
  7. Lane Departure Warning – Warns the driver when the truck has begun drifting into another lane.

The Facts

The number of fatalities from accidents in which large trucks were involved in 2014 decreased by five percent to 3, 744. However, the number of large trucks involved in injuries increased by 21 % to 88,000.  Also, the number of property damage accidents rose from 265,000 to 346,000 an increase of 31 percent. Facts provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The Truth

The truth is that anything that improves trucking safety helps everyone. It makes our roads safer by informing truckers of distracted drivers and other safety issues. Effective trucking safety technology can be a boon to the economy by reducing insurance premiums and lowering shipping costs. The truth is we should all support trucking safety technology because it’s not just for trucks and truckers. It’s for everyone.