Chris Hurley, VP of Business Administration, came to me with an idea. She asked for my help in executing it. She wanted to know her teammates better than she currently did. She asked for fifty-two questions, one per week for a year, to use for getting to know her team. She wanted fun questions, but serious ones as well, which could help her understand her co-workers and lead them individually. Her goal was for her team to open up and share honest answers, and she would do the same in return. So, with the help of a few websites, I was able to construct Chris’ List of Questions.

Is Your Team More Than Just Workers Who Punch a Time Clock?

Is your team more than just direct reports? Some companies and bosses expect their employees to come in, do their job, and go home. And when that is all they expect, they miss a golden opportunity. Why do people work hard at a job? What makes an employee stay or look for a new job? TKO has learned that part of the answer to both of these questions is to show each individual employee that they’re an intricate part of the team – that they’re important because they are. Chris and TKO believe this. TKO Employees are more than just employees, they’re family.

A Challenge for You

So I challenge you to get to know your employees as more than just their job title. Get to know them as people. And only then will you get a glimpse of who they truly are and what they can do. By getting to know your employees, you are able to build the best team possible. You build trust, relationships, and improve your company along the way. Are you ready to take on the challenge? You can start Chris’ 52 Questions today.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash