I’m not the first to say this, but people don’t buy from corporations; people buy from people. It’s not B2C (Business to Consumer) or B2B (Business to Business) it’s P2P (People to People). Sharing a human voice may be more important for social media marketing than any other type of marketing or advertising. Social networks are designed for interaction, engagement, and conversation—not for shouting. If you want people to hear your message on social networks, you need to tell your story in a human voice.

6 Ways for Corporations to Share Their Human Side


Share behind the scenes video. There’s a place for professionally produced, as well as homegrown video. Plan and produce video to post on YouTube, your blog, and website. Here’s an example, Should You Use Screen or Digital? Solve a problem or share how to, such as this video, How to Remove a Decal. Neither of these videos is, shall we say, overproduced. They’re real, simple, video. They’re human. Why Simple Video Works.   

But planned video shouldn’t be all you share. Grab your phone and record 30 seconds of your work, staff, or equipment, and then share it on Facebook. Record a short video behind the scenes on Instagram, and Tweet it as well. Don’t only share professionally produced video showing your facility and interviewing the CEO. Get real, show the day-to-day operations, and let people know you’re organization is made up of people.


The easiest way to post human voiced content is through a blog. However, many organizations miss this opportunity. The other day I was reviewing the blogs of a large regional company. The writing followed AP style like a news release. There was no human connection. It felt as if I was reading a sales brochure or an investor portfolio. It left me cold. A blog can be a place for this, but it should also be a vehicle to show your human side. For example, TKO Team Talk: Bill Moss. Share stories about your customers, TKO Graphix Customer Success Stories: Berger Hargis Landscape Management, and involve customers, friends, and followers, TKO Graphix Holiday Wishes VII.


Every blog post should have at least one image. And please limit the use of overrused stock photos. Even when stock photos show humans they often look staged and phony. Where to Find Images that Aren’t Boring.

If you want customers and prospects to see the human side of your business make time every day to post photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share charitable initiatives, group activities, and just plain fun. For example, we posted 30 days of our president wearing something pink during Real Men Wear Pink. We shared photos on Facebook and Instagram during a weight loss challenge, a food drive, and a 5K run walk. And every day during the holidays we posted individual desk and office decorations

Raise Your Human Voice!

If the only content you share is sterile corporate speak, you’re missing an opportunity to connect P2P. Use images, copy, and video to not only share your corporate voice, but your human side as well. Start a video series with teammates, host a webinar, interview clients, but do so in a human voice. Customers want to work with people, not corporations. Is your voice speaking to them?