Late last year in a meeting with TKO Graphix “newer” CSR’s we discussed how important reviews were to any business. I shared how I had failed to get them. The team of CSR’s took on this challenge, and I have to tell you, they knocked it out of the park. They shared the idea of seeking reviews from customers with all the CSR’s, and then the entire team created a plan to reach out to customers. Everyone on the team contributed to the project.

From Four to Fifty!

When the initative began, TKO Graphix had four Google Reviews. As of this writing we have 50! And not only are there 50 reviews, but TKO Graphix has a 5-Star rating. Here are just a few of the comments taken from reviews.

A Few Review Excerpts

 “TKO does a great job!”

“TKO is by far the best!”

“Great company to do business with!”

“After many years of frustration, I have finally found a company to produce high quality wraps for my fleet of vans.”

“Great people to work with and very responsive.”

“I was very pleased with the prompt and professional service I received from Melissa Hirtzel in processing my order.”

“Great product! Shirley was very responsive and helped us to meet a deadline.”

“Great people to work with and very responsive. High quality product and excellent installers. Wonderful creative team as well.”

“TKO goes above and beyond on a daily basis. They are a great marketing partner for Metro Elevator Co., Inc.”

“As a purchasing agent for a major trucking company and a customer of them, I can honestly say TKO goes out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Would highly recommend them.”

How Important are Reviews?

Let me ask you a question. When you’re considering a company for a product or service where do you begin the vetting process? Is it online? And if it is online what do you look for? Do you search for reviews and testimonials?

Reviews Rock

The vast majority of consumers and businesses do the same. A company searching for our product will likely review us online five or six times before making contact.

What our outstanding team of CSR’s has done is helped everyone at TKO. Their efforts will undoubtedly bring TKO more customers. Could your company use more customers?

Photo credit: Margaret Ornsby via / CC BY