TKO Graphix has been privileged to provide graphics for the Indiana State Fair for several years. This year, we manufactured and installed grandstand banners, which look big hanging in the grandstands, but you should see them at ground level — they’re ginormous! We also provided the ISF with pole signs, street signs, and we wrapped the Hoosier Lotto trailer.

As I walked around the state fair this year, I couldn’t help but notice the various signs most of us take for granted, yet they’re an integral part of this event. Not only banners and pole signs, but wayfinders, channel letters, backlit, and monument signs were everywhere. These signs directed, informed, and tempted us with the delights of the Indiana Sate Fair. How would we know where our favorite state fair food was without signs — or the folk art, midway, and 4H exhibits? Oh, and did I mention cows? 2012 was the year of the dairy cow and images of cows were everywhere. Quilted cows, PJ cows, and cows as art adorned the fabled halls of the fairgrounds, as well as real live dairy cows. You may have the idea from this post that I love the Indiana State Fair — you’re right. And so does TKO. We can’t wait for next year. I wonder what next year’s theme will be? The year of the …??? If you’d like advice on any event signage, be sure to contact us.