The internet of things is changing the face of marketing. Traditional marketing broadcasts across multiple mediums. With IoT (Internet of Things) the product itself can become a marketing medium. Here are a few examples:

 5 Internet of Things Marketing Illustrations 

Tostitos Breathalyzer Chip Bag – Tostito released a special bag for Super Bowl weekend. When customers blew on the bag, it became a breath analyzer. They offered a $10 Uber coupon when alcohol was detected.

Amazon Dash Button  – It’s a Wi-Fi connected button that attaches near products, for example, the Tide Laundry detergent button attaches to the clothes washer. Simply press the button before you run out of soap, and a new supply is on its way. It has taken POP (point of purchase) to a new level; it’s become POU (point of use).

Diageo Personalizes Videos  – Diageo Whiskey personalized presents to fathers in Brazil for Father’s day. The gift giver scanned a code on the bottle which allowed them to personalize a video by adding photos and a message. Wow.

Fitbit Long a leader in connected marketing, Fitbit takes it one step further by bringing other apps to its client base. It’s called, “Works with Fitbit”. Their newest additions include, Habit, a personalized nutrition app, Peloton, which shares individual indoor biking statistics, and virZOOM a multi-player indoor biking gamification app.

Fridgecam – Turn any refrigerator into a smart fridge with this app. Although this isn’t a marketing tool, it’s very cool and could be used by marketers. For example, a grocery list could be sent to a food market for delivery. This camera, which sits inside your fridge, informs you when you’re running low, when food is about to go bad, and shares recipes using the ingredients found in your fridge. How the Internet of things Is Going to Change Your Life.

How Can Your Business Use IoT?

It depends on your product and your audience. However, there are two basic ways to connect.

  1. When the Product is Connected

Almost every new electronic product is connected to the internet. For example, we all receive updates on our devices. Those with smart homes get messages and updates, and even our vehicles notify us. An easy way to market through these devices is to suggest add-on products, services, and premium merchandise.

  1. When the Product isn’t Connected

I’ve already shared several examples, Amazon, Diageo, and Tostitos. In the case of the Amazon dash button, a device refills orders. It can’t get much simpler. With Tostitos, a connection was added to the package, and with Diageo, the link was scanned into a smartphone.

Are You Connected?

Is your product connected? How could you use its connectivity in marketing? If your product isn’t connected how could you link it to the internet?  In either case, there is a way, and someone will find it. And when they do they’ll be ahead of the market.