Remember those PR firms that didn’t embrace social media when it was the new next thing? Some of them are still around—others didn’t survive. We can all name businesses that didn’t see, understand, or prepare for the next thing. NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of those “next” things. Will your marketing team be ready to take advantage of the opportunities NFC offers?

What is NFC?

NFC uses electromagnetic radio waves to send and receive information to devices in proximity to one another. Passover devices share but don’t collect information, while active devices can collect and share information. If you’ve seen someone, wave their smartphone over a card reader you’ve seen NFC in action. And that’s only the beginning.

How can Marketing use NFC?

It’s already being used. NFC can be used to share any marketing material. A real estate sign could use NFC to share detailed information and interior images of a property. A brick and mortar retailer could share coupons and BOGO’s. A manufacturer could post product information, and any business could link to websites, video, and electronic collateral material—brochures, case studies, and business cards.

How will NFC be used in the Future?

NFC will be commonly used by friends to share information, links, games and more. Trade shows will share maps, attendee lists, special show offers, and calls to action. Museums will use NFC as their electronic docent. The arts will post show information and take payment. Airports will broadcast flight information. And businesses, in general, will use NFC to share any and every type of advertising they currently use.

How will you use NFC?

Whatever marketing and advertising you currently use could be tagged and shared on devices using NFC. A B2B manufacturer could share product information with visitors using only a swipe of their smartphone. Retailers could announce sales items to customers as they walk down an aisle. And charities could use the devices to promote volunteer and donation initiatives. Are you familiar with NFC? Do you use it? If so leave us your thoughts in comments please we’d love to hear your opinion. Thank you.