Is Your Marketing Strategy Built on a Solid Foundation?

Several years ago, my wife and I had the grand idea to renovate an old home. During our search, we toured a lot of homes that had sloping floors, crooked door frames, and cracked walls, which are sure signs of foundation problems. Then we found our current home. It was built in 1873, had great bones, and was in amazing shape. The reason? The home was built on a solid foundation.

I mentioned my home because I think building a marketing strategy is similar to building a home. Just like a home, marketing strategy needs a solid foundation supporting it. Brand awareness is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Your Brand is Your Foundation

Building and maintaining brand awareness is an essential part of marketing because it plays a supporting role for all your marketing initiatives. But in today’s economy, with marketing budgets being trimmed and the demand to produce campaigns with measurable ROI, brand awareness is often overlooked. This is a costly mistake because awareness is the first stage in a customer’s purchase cycle. A potential buyer must be aware of your brand before consciously choosing to purchase your product or service.

If You Want it to Last – Build it on a Solid Foundation

Think of it this way: trying to build a marketing strategy without brand awareness is like building a home without a foundation. It won’t work. There’s nothing to support it. So inspect your foundation. If it’s weak, then the rest of your marketing strategy is weak, too. But if it’s strong, like our old home, your strategy has a great foundation to be built upon. Are your marketing initiatives built on a strong brand? Our Marketing Solutions team and I would be happy to inspect your foundation and offer branding ideas, strategies, and action plans. Give us a call at 1-888-544-8051.

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