Sandy Puttkammer, TKO Graphix Human Resources Specialist, and I, conduct monthly leadership development seminars with the TKO Management Team. Our goal is to train managers using examples of leadership and human resources best practices to be implemented uniformly throughout the organization. Unfortunately, the training hadn’t been made available to our off-site managers. Tom Taulman, president of TKO, began a conversation with Sandy about training our remote managers.

In December of 2015 we brought these teammates, to our home office, for two days of leadership and human resources training. Before scheduling the training we created and sent a survey to these managers to learn their challenges. In this way, we developed a seminar geared to their specific needs. We also sent the survey to all managers soliciting ideas for the 2016 monthly leadership meetings. Below is the survey. Please feel free to copy, paste, and use it with your team. You may learn something about the challenges your team faces and the help they desire.
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Let us know what you learn

If you use the survey, we’d love to know what you learned. Did the answers surprise you or was it what you expected? Did the survey change your training plans or your approach to leadership and human resources training? What did you learn? What was your biggest takeaway? And what new procedures have you implemented after reviewing your survey results? We’d like to know.

If you have any questions or would like to chat and maybe brainstorm let Sandy, and I know.  Thank you.