Story Update (January 11, 2011): According to Mr. Allred, involvement with Extreme Makeover is pending, and other options are being considered for the camp. More info will be provided when made available.

Ball State student, Brent A. Allred, had a dream. He dreamed he was helping Ty Pennington of Extreme Home Makeover build a home. In June of 2009, Brent assembled a team to create a documentary about the Diabetic Youth Foundation facility, Camp Until a Cure, a camp his sister attended. The Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana was founded in 1989 to support, encourage, and educate children with type one diabetes. In 2005, the group purchased the camp in Noblesville, Indiana. It’s the only camp in Indiana designed and operated for the needs of diabetic children. The not-for-profit helps hundreds of children every summer.

While filming his documentary, Brent discovered many of the buildings on the campus were in need of immediate repair. “Not to our surprise, we found everything from duck-tape covered sheet metal patching over rotted floors in the cabins, to a bat-infested dinning hall. Medical supplies were stacked up against walls as high as they could get, a food pantry was overflowing out the door, and there was a lack of food preparation equipment in the kitchen.” Brent had a dream. Share your dream. 

Let’s Put On A Show!

Brent studies music composition at Ball State University. As a freshman, he received an Emmy nomination for his State of Assault documentary score. He had two dreams — to help his sister’s camp, and to make music. Why not combine the two? He did. Extreme Makeover Music edition (EMME) was born. “The first thing we want to do is get the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team to help us renovate the camp to make better conditions for the campers,”

Brent said. “The second part of the project is to put on a musical to raise money for the Diabetic Youth Foundation of Indiana to help keep the camp running. The third portion of the project includes creating a music therapy program,” Brent continued. Brent contacted Ball State’s President, Jo Ann M. Gora, with the idea, who then reached out to Cory Surovek, executive producer for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Brent recently received a call confirming the camp will be part of the series. They are shooting the show as their finale sometime in February.

How Can You Help?

Brent has suggested organizations volunteer, stating they are on-board with the project and what they’re willing to do. This could include money donations, personal support (labor) during the renovation process, advertising, building materials donations, food donations, etc. Anything an organization or business can think of that would help in the renovation process of Camp Until A Cure.

What’s On The EMME Christmas Wish List?

• Materials
• Appliances
• Funding
• Volunteers
• Community support
• Contractors

Are You Tired Of Bad News?

Are you tired of hearing about the “bad” young people? I am sick of the sensationalist stories about the mistakes of misguided youth. I want to know what the good young people are doing. Brent, and the entire EMME volunteer staff, are some of the good young people. His team put all of this together from scratch, without help, just because. Let’s show them we care about good works. Let’s reinforce this positive behavior with action. Join TKO Graphix and help EMME anyway you can. As Brent said, “I know, in the near future, this project is going to touch the lives of many people.” Let it touch you. Share your dream.

Want to help? Contact me at or 317-306-9713. You can also visit EMME’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more info and photos, and be sure to follow Brent’s personal Twitter profile, as well.