If you’re near Plainfield, Indiana, take a moment to drive by TKO Graphix and check out our new eye-catching sign. It not only incorporates the company logo and colors, but HIGHLIGHTS them as well. While the sign looks great in daylight, it shines at night.

The sign is a halo illuminated (or back-lit) reverse channel-letter, multi-layered sign. One of the reasons this sign pops? It’s not only a halo sign, but a layered halo sign, and there are back-lit letters on top of the back-lit outline—halo on halo.

The backbone of the sign is a welded constructed all-aluminum frame, which is covered with digitally printed adhesive vinyl. Digitally printed vinyl makes it easy to use multiple colors and graphics.

The lights are low-voltage, energy efficient LED lights. Not only do LED’s last longer and require less electricity, they are less invasive to the structure than older lighting methods. In the past, several openings would’ve been punched through the building for wiring, but with LED lighting, only one small raceway carries all the wires to light the sign.

An all custom fabricated sign like this takes 4-6 weeks from design to installation (although local permitting requirements can slow the process). If you’d like to learn more about signs for your organization, contact our team of experts, or call 317-271-1398. We’d be happy to …shine a little light on it.