If you’re a solo-preneur, work in a start-up, or own a small operation, then you most likely wear a lot of hats. You have multiple responsibilities. Designing and delivering products and services may take the majority of your time, but if you’re responsible for sales as well—it can create a backlog. The problem is you’re so darn busy working in the business you don’t have time to go out and sell. But if you’re not selling you won’t be building anything, will you?

Where Should you Invest Sales Time?

There may not be time to canvas, cold-call, and pitch your products to every business in the industrial park; that isn’t the best use of your time. There’s an old adage—always be selling—good advice, not in the high pressure, obnoxious fast-talking way, but in a keeping your name in the hat sort of way.

Ask Your Customers to Help – When you interact with clients let them know you’re taking new customers. Remind them of the good work you do and ask for referrals. How to get more Leads without Working any Harder.

Put the word out – Post examples of your work on social media. Use images. A picture IS worth a thousand words. How Much Time Should Your Company Spend on Social Media?

Solve problems for your customers – If you’ve developed a trusting partnership with your clients stop and consider what else they may need. If you solve a problem they have, and make them aware of it, they’ll come knocking. How to Grow Your Business and Have More Free Time

Ask your vendors for help – And not just once. Remind them every chance you get. Your suppliers have a vested interest in your success—make them part of your sales team.

Involve employees, friends, and family – These are people that care about what happens to you and your business. You’ll find most of them want to help. Let them know the type of work you’re interested in, and you may be surprised and rewarded.

Although you may not have time for traditional sales calls, you do have time to market. And you may have more time to follow up with leads than you think. I challenge you to set aside a few hours a week for lead generation. Visit a customer and ask for referrals or share what else you have to offer. Take a vendor out to lunch and pick his or her brain. Sit with an employee and ask who they know that needs your product. Have you made time to sell? How did you find the time?