Let me begin with a disclaimer. My way isn’t the only way. Some of it isn’t even the best way. But it’s a way that works. As the director of communications at TKO Graphix, I manage 14 social media accounts. Three Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus, two Pinterest and LinkedIn, and one YouTube account. Our company has three divisions, Graphics, Signs, and Marketing Solutions, which includes promotional products and marketing services. There’s a lot going on.

Is Your Business Growing?

As our product line expanded, we were prepared to add social media accounts. We not only added more accounts, but joined more networks. We were ready to accommodate growth and our expanding product line. We’re ready to take on the next challenge—will you be ready?

Where to Start

It doesn’t begin with social media; it begins with content creation. We post a new blog every work day—five days per week and three or four videos per month. We share case studies; we’ve created an eBook The New Managers Workbook, and two more guides are in the works. Sharing content is the best way to introduce consumers to our website. Next is daily follow up with messages, notifications, and shares on each account. I thank those who have shared, reply to comments, and follow up messages—the social in social media.

Now We’re Ready for Some Social Media-ing     


Analytics consistently show Twitter directs more folks to our site than any other network. That may not be the same for your business. Begin with the network that gives you the biggest bang for the buck. What I do with Twitter could be applied to any network. Twitter is where I start my social media morning, and it’s where I spend most of my network time—about one hour per day. I share our four most recent posts on the three accounts an hour apart. In between sharing our content, I retweet or introduce two to three pieces of content from others. I search for content that may appeal to our followers. It’s a time consuming process because I read what I share; I read a lot that I don’t share—which is the point. Only by reading the content do I know if it’s a fit.

Twitter is the only account I schedule posts. If a tragedy occurs on my watch, I don’t want to be overwhelmed with deleting inappropriate scheduled posts on 14 accounts. Twitter – 1 Hour per day.

Google Plus

I begin by exploring separate topics for each of the three accounts. I share three to five pieces of content on each account from these explorations before sharing the TKO post of the day. I also use the time to search for and pin images to one of our 25 Pinterest boards as well as pin the new post. Google Plus – 15 minutes per day. 


Once again I follow the 80/20 rule. I’ll share, comment, and like several posts before posting the newest TKO content. LinkedIn – 10 minutes per day.


Since I pin from other networks throughout the day, much of my work on Pinterest is completed before I begin. I open Pinterest once a day looking for interesting pins to share Pinterest – 10 minutes per day.


Same story, I share four to one others to TKO content, but I don’t want you get the wrong idea it’s not only that—a bot could do that, it’s commenting, cracking a joke, and when it’s called for I offer commiseration. It’s being human.  Facebook – 25 minutes per day.


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t use this network to its potential. The TKO channel is approaching 50,000 views and has a good number of subscribers, but I seldom use YouTube as a social network. I use it as a video hosting site. I need to view this as a networking site and improve my participation. YouTube – less than 15 minutes per week.

Follow Up Throughout the Day

Twitter is the only account where I receive notifications. I check all the accounts in the morning, before lunch, and before I leave, taking a couple of minutes to thank, correspond, and share. Be careful, this is an easy place to get time sucked into a networking dimension where no other work gets done. I limit myself to a couple of minutes.

There you have it, two hours a day, 10 hours a week, 14 accounts. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Does it work? Yes, every day our company receives inquiries, we rank high on organic searches, and social media has helped broadcast our brand—folks know who we are and what we do. Are you ready for this challenge? Need some advice? Call me 1-888-544-8051 or leave a comment.