We work with a few individual customers, but the vast majority of our work is with businesses. And although our market has expanded, the majority of our work continues to be with fleets. Whether it’s working with a private fleet that transports its own goods or a trucking company shipping various and sundry products coast to coast they share some of the same challenges, and that’s an opportunity to help.

Find Problems—Solve Them

For close to 20 years we basically offered one product, large format graphics. That may have included vehicle graphics, banners, and retail graphics, but the products were similar in design and production. Today, we offer a lot more, and it started by understanding where our customers needed help.

What Does a Business Need from you?

Every business has needs and wants. They all have problems, and if you can isolate their needs and solve problems, you will earn their business. Began by analyzing your customer base—what do they have in common, what do they share, and what challenges do they face?

Characteristics – How are your customers similar? What do their business models have in common?

Budget – What price point fits your customer’s needs? Where can you save them money?

Demographics – How do geography, client age, and buying habits affect their needs?

Problems – What problems, which could be an opportunity for you, are shared by your customers?

Why Would any Business Buy from You?

Convenience – Are you easy to do business with?

Price – is your price competitive, do you offer value for the dollar?

Quality – Does your product do what it’s supposed to do and more?

Service – No business is perfect, are you there for your customers when they need you?

Trust – Do you have a proven track record? You can’t train experience.

But How Do I Know Where to Expand my Product Line?

For TKO that was easy. Our customers’ asked us for additional products and services. Some asked directly, “Do you make Signs?” others sought advice, “I like your website where can I get one like yours?” By listening to our customers’ questions, we realized the opportunities to help them solve problems. Since then we’ve added TKO Signs and TKO Marketing Solutions, fleet services in Indianapolis and Lafayette, IN as well as production lines in manufacturing facilities all over America. Are you listening to your customers? What are they telling you they need?