Trade show social media is a great way to attract people to your booth. Unfortunately, most trade show vendors don’t use or at best underutilize social networks to share their show message. The question is, why? Is it lack of experience, time constraints, or disbelief in social media’s value at a show? Is it all of the above? Here are a few ways to use social media at your next trade show that work, aren’t time-consuming, and don’t need years of experience to implement.

What Social Networks Does Your Business Use?

I didn’t ask what networks accounts your organization has; I asked what you use. If you use five networks, great but if you only use one that’s fine too. Rather than learn a new network concentrate on what you know.  Here are ways to use five different networks.


An excellent way to use Facebook is to create an event. Events are easy to create, and you can invite those who follow you. Make the event page useful but including the following:

  • Event address and directions
  • Booth number and location
  • Show hours
  • Special offers
  • A list of presentations
  • Sponsor a VIP party
  • CTA (Call to Action) for example, gamification or SWAG for visiting your booth

Building an event page doesn’t take a lot of time, and daily posts on your page can be scheduled before the event begins.


The average lifespan of a tweet is less than twenty minutes. Twitter is fast and furious. The bullet points listed above can be shared on this network, but should be shared several times daily. No one has time to tweet all day while working the show so once again schedule the tweets. Sometime before the trade show schedule four to eight event specific tweets per day. The tweets should be at least 30 minutes apart and include a show hashtag.


Let’s make this easy. Instagram is about photos so create a blind draw contest for everyone who takes a selfie at your booth and posts it on Instagram with a designated hashtag.  A couple of times a day check your account to like and comment on shares.

You Tube

We use You Tube to share videos before, during,  and after trade shows TKO Family of Companies. Quick videos can be made on any smart phone to invite customers, vendors, and prospects to visit your booth. We’ve made several videos we share at shows and on social media. When you meet happy customers at a show ask them what they like about your organization, then ask if you may record them. Pull out your phone, ask what they appreciate about your firm, and record a 30-second testimonial.


I’m going to make this very easy. Invite contacts, friends, customers, and business associates to join you at your booth. Do not send the invite to people you don’t know. You can also share general information in your feed, and if you’re active in a group share it there as well.

How will You Use Trade Show Social Media  at Your Next Event? 

How will you use trade show social media in the future? Keep it simple, don’t complicate it. You don’t have to spend hours per day, nor do you need to be on every network. Use what you know, keep it simple, schedule everything that can be scheduled and go have fun at the show.

Photo credit: Intersection Consulting via / CC BY-NC