In 2008, I facilitated a TKO Graphix vision team. The team included C-level staff, longtime customers, and successful business people. One of the members, Bob Dillon, president of Unique Home Solutions, offered his vision for growth. He had successfully grown his company by offering superior products and service thus creating a base of satisfied customers. Surveying his customers, he learned what problems they faced as homeowners and offered solutions. His company is now one of the top 50 remodeling companies in America. He suggested TKO Graphics use its base of happy customers as a springboard to growth—what problems could TKO solve for its clients? Since then we’ve added fleet services, promotional products, and signs. Our newest offering, to help our customers, is Marketing Services.

What are Marketing Services?

First of all, TKO Marketing Services isn’t one thing, it’s many—we’re flexible. It can be an entire marketing team or a member of your team when you need one. The concept came to life when customers began asking for our help. Small businesses, without marketing departments, asked for our advice on marketing initiatives. Large companies wanted help with marketing campaigns, and still others wanted to learn about websites, branding, or social media.

How Flexible Are We?

The question is, how flexible do you need us to be? We’ve helped several companies with multiple marketing efforts from website development to brochures. The best answer to that question is what do you need? We’ve learned sometimes what the client needs is help in understanding what they need. Here’s a few of the marketing efforts we’ve recently helped customers with:

Branding and marketing strategy

We can help unify a brand across various advertising and promotional actions or map a marketing campaign to fit specific needs. We can use your current branding or design it from scratch.

Website development

Whether a new site is required, or updates are called for, we have a team to help assist, guide, and create.

Collateral material creation

When brochures, case studies, or catalogs are needed our team of writers and designers can bring them to life.

Trade Show preparation

Displays, promotional giveaways, product introduction videos, and marketing advice to help you with a successful show. Our team collectively has worked thousands of shows—been there, done that.

Lead generation

We can assist in the development of a lead funnel geared to specific prospects and services. Not everyone’s funnel looks the same.


Blogs, web copy, or video scripts to fit the personality of individual clients. We once wrote more than 50 blogs about—sunglasses. Our blog has over 600 posts and receives more than 2000 hits per month.

Video production

We can help you set it up, get it started, and direct you to some of the best producers in the industry. We have nearly 50,000 views on our YouTube channel…and we’ve done it in-house with a little help. TKO Graphix Video

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Flickr, YouTube…it can get confusing! What networks should businesses use? Is it different for B2B and B2C? We can help you find the answers. We’ve been successfully marketing on social media for over five years, and we have proof Over 1 Million Dollar Sale from Flickr.

This post is…schizophrenic. It’s been written for two audiences. If a business wants to grow, listen to Mr. Dillon’s advice and solve problems for your satisfied customers. If your company needs a marketing team, specific marketing assistance, or a temporary member—let us know—we’re flexible. We’d be happy to share what we know. Please contact Kevin Greek and he’ll flex his marketing muscles for you.