This isn’t the post I intended to write. I planned to share about my wonderful experience as a new customer at Sundance Salon Spa, and how well the sign we produced met their expectations, but there’s a bigger story—one that touched my life, one I need to share. It’s not only about salon spa signs.

When I called Sally, the owner of Sundance Spa, to schedule a video shoot, she was more than cordial, she was enthusiastic. And when I met her at the Spa her exuberance wasn’t only contagious it was almost breathtaking. Positivity flowed from her like the sun reflecting off metal. She shined. I hope I’m not overstating the point, but it’s important that I, who consider myself a positive person, share that I don’t meet many people as “up” as Sally.

We toured her business, looked at the new TKO Signs, and conducted an interview. Somewhere along the line, I asked her how long she’d been in business and the history of Sundance Salon Spa. She referred me to their web site. I read the story—and cried.

The Story Behind Sundance Salon Spa

She and her husband Pete fulfilled their dream when they opened Sundance Salon Spa November of 1997. Then it fell apart, the building they rented space in, was to be demolished to make way for a new business and Pete was diagnosed with Leukemia, but they didn’t give up. Working 65 hours a week, searching for a new place, and caring for Pete became Sally’s reality. She found their current location in August of 2000. Pete passed away the following February. If someone, who has faced these challenges can continue to be a positive force how can any of my problems be of consequence? Thank You Sally.

My Salon Experience

In the spirit of transparency, I must tell you—I’m not a salon guy. I’m a barber shop sort of guy, and sometimes the local discount hair salon is my hair care destination. Not anymore. I mentioned needing a trim and Sally suggested I do just that. How could I refuse? Misty was my stylist, and it was quite an experience. It included a scalp massage with oil, hot towels, shampoo with two different products and two conditioners, more hot towels, style consultation and a great hair cut (should I call it a styling?), hand massage using Aveda hand relief, styling with Aveda style prep, even more hot towels and did I mention samples? All for $30! A few days later I even received a text—great follow up. I’m going back and you should, as well.

Now, Why Was I There?

Oh yea—the signs. They turned out great; they met and surpassed the customers’ expectations, but don’t take my word for it, watch the video. And by the way, if you happen to need a sign let us know. We’d love to hear your story.

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