Yes, it’s huge. It’s the size of an efficiency condo in Tokyo—or bigger than my eldest daughter’s SUV. It’s very big… and it looks like the printer connected to my PC at home. It is often one of the highlights of a TKO Graphix tour because it’s so unexpected. I mean—it really looks like a home PC printer on steroids. The HP TJ8300 is also, according to Hewlett-Packard (PDF), the fastest wide format printer on the market.

Matt Williams manages the HP Turbo TJ8300 for TKO. He manages the service, set up, and production. He does it all, and does it well. I believe the video shows his pride. TKO Graphix uses the Turbo for large format graphics such as trade shows, conventions, and tractor-trailer wraps. If you’re ever in Plainfield, stop in for a visit. We’ll take your photo next to the giant Turbo, and Matt might even autograph it!