Did you notice what’s different about the B Squared Bar & Grill storefront sign? Look again. It’s not the graphics, although they’re outstanding. Is it the colors? Nope, but they do catch one’s eye, don’t they? Could it be the use of fonts, the copy placed vertical and horizontal, or the abbreviation of squared? All these aspects are integral to making this sign work, but what’s truly unique is… it’s curved!

The B Squared Bar & Grill Storefront Sign is Custom Made 

This sign was fabricated from scratch. First, the frame was bent, cut, and welded into shape. But that was only the beginning. Everything from the sign’s returns to its facing had to perfectly match the curve of the frame. TKO Signs‘ experienced team of fabricators made it look easy, but it wasn’t. It’s an example of master craftsmanship.

B Squared Bar & Grill celebrated their sixth month in business last week, and if you haven’t visited this fine establishment, you should. When they say, “Our friendly staff will do whatever it takes to make every visit an experience you’ll want to repeat over and over…” they mean it. It’s become one of my personal favorite places. You might even find me hanging out on any given Monday for open mic night.

Who is B Squared Bar & Grill

Located at 1430 N. Green St. (St Rd 267 just north of I74), B2 is open seven days a week with a full bar and menu. For an appetizer, I recommend the Nedreck Rumaki — chicken tenders and jalapeno wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with Cajun spices, then deep fried. They offer a full line of sandwiches, from burgers to pulled pork, as well as pizza and nightly dinner specials, like Penne Alfredo with chicken or shrimp.

If you’d like to check out the sign and enjoy the great food and ambiance of B Squared Bar & Grill, come on down — It’s just around the curve.

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