Have you ever noticed signs that didn’t fit their location or purpose? Signs that were out of place in their surroundings, or inappropriate for the organization? I recall signs used a few years ago for highway rest stops. These rustic wooden style signs may have fit park areas, but looked out of place on the interstate highways where they were posted. So, does your sign fit its purpose? The Hummel Park monument sign does.

What Should a Sign Represent?

Before contracting a sign shop, the purpose and expectations of the sign should be considered. For example, the sign for Hummel Township Park and Community Center needed to be tasteful and elegant, not flashy. Because a sign should not only fit the environment, but the purpose of the facility. Hummel Park is a family friendly destination, offering gazebo and pavilion rental, a performing arts center, sports, and various community events. We think we succeeded.

What Type of Sign is This?

This is an example of a non-illuminated monument sign. The sign is plate mounted, which means there are pole plates that can be unbolted, releasing the sign to be moved. It’s an aluminum cabinet with letters and embellishments fabricated from 19 millimeter PVC, which were cut on a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router. The logo was digitally printed on pressure sensitive vinyl and attached to the offset PVC board. It’s a simple yet effective sign. With finished edges and returns, dimensional design, and a beige textured background, the sign has an upscale look and feel.

What is Hummel Park?

Hummel Park is one of the largest and most beautiful township parks in Indiana, with its 205 acres of land and amenities. It’s located just west of the Indianapolis International Airport in Plainfield, Indiana.

The Hummel Park sign is a good example of a sign fit to the purpose. Non obstructive or obtrusive, it fits into its surroundings, identifying and representing the park. Can you imagine a brightly lit neon colored sign, or a 15 ft pylon representing Hummel Park? If you’d like to learn more about designing a sign for your needs, we’d be happy to help you find a good fit. Contact us at TKO Signs.