FAQ: Is There a Market For My Branded Merchandise?

Last week, Trinity Wilds of Fort Wayne, Indiana, sent me this tweet: “Wondering how a TKO Graphix pen appeared at my grooming salon. Found it Friday. No idea.” I pondered this. When had anyone from TKO given away pens in the Fort Wayne area? The only event I could remember was an SMBFW (Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne) I attended last June. Before the event, I placed TKO pens on the tables. If this is where the pen originated, someone held on to it for a whole year.

How Much Exposure Did One Pen Receive?

That’s a year of seeing our logo, website, and phone number. A year of being reminded of who we are and what we do. A year of someone finding our SWAG (Stuff We All Get) useful. It was a year of promotion for only a few cents. And the pen’s travels isn’t through — it’s now at a pet grooming salon. I wonder how many forms will be completed and checks signed with this TKO pen?

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Useful promotional products don’t stop advertising when they’re given away. They continue to brand your image and promote your call to action throughout their lifespan. As long as branded marketing materials are useful, they continue to promote.

Did You Lose Your Pen?

Was it your TKO pen at Trinity’s grooming salon? Let me know — I’ve got another for you. If you’d like more on promotional products — including pens to promote what you do — let us know.