Boats aren’t easy to wrap; especially bass boats. The entire boat is one large complex curve. Not only is top grade compatible adhesive vinyl a must, but whoever is applying the wrap better known what they’re doing. Unlike motor vehicles, a boat wrap takes a lot more punishment than rain, snow, and wind. A bass boat beats the waves. And that’s why the Bill Day team hauls their tournament boat 180 miles from Frankfort, KY to Plainfield, IN—they want it wrapped by professionals.

Who is Bill Day?

Bill Day competes in FLW Pro Bass Fishing, and he speaks to adult and youth groups about fishing and more. He also finds time to manage Days Boat Sales. He’s a busy man.

“Day’s Boat Sales is a company built on reputation and trust. The owner, Bill Day, is an avid tournament fisherman who understands the needs of the tournament angler. Thus the slogan “We fish. We know”. Day’s Boat Sales is committed to providing impeccable service to the fishing enthusiast in order that you may spend more time on the water and less time in service.” —

The Driver and the Boat

I chatted with Bob Sutherland, the driver for Team Day, and inquired if people on the road asked him about the boat and trailer. He told me, “Every time I haul the boat folks see the graphics. See that CB, they contact me while I’m driving down the road! I’ll get a few on my way home today.” I can’t think of a better endorsement for wrapping business and team vehicles.

If you want to learn more about fleet and team graphics, we’d be happy to answer your questions about all types of vehicles—whatever floats your boat.  Contact us.