I had the opportunity to chat with a first-time customer of TKO Graphix, Jerry Hunsicker, co-owner of Pipe Masters Plumbing. Although Pipe Masters previously had their vehicles wrapped—TKO was not the provider. Jerry mentioned Yvonne Dunno, one of TKO’s Customer Service Representatives, and how she answered all of his questions and helped him through the installation. Our team of CSR’s do a great job helping our customers every day, and they don’t always get the thanks they should. They deserve accolades. A work truck vehicle wrap can be a smooth procedure when the provider communicates with the client. 

Artwork Matters 

Jerry was also thrilled with the artwork created by one of our in-house graphic designers, Jamie Burch. Again, the design team doesn’t always receive the credit they deserve – thanks, team.

Finally, the most important thing our new customer said was, “It looks great.” Thank you team TKO—another great job!

Who is Pipemasters?

Pipe Masters is a licensed full-service plumber, specializing in residential and light commercial plumbing. Check out pipemastersonline.com, or call 317-838-9900.

Pipe Masters Plumbing’s licensed plumbers work on any kind of plumbing issue for their residential customers in central Indiana. They will clean or open your sewer or drain.  The drain technicians have experience and use the latest equipment to get your drains open and will offer suggestions on how to avoid the drain or plumbing problem in the future.

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