Dr. Brian Jackson is an enthusiastic professional, and that is something special. Think about it. How many experts, advisors, and practitioners do we each interact with on a daily basis who are not passionate about what they do? His mission as a chiropractor is to help others to spinal health, which allows them to experience the vitality of life. Sounds like something to get passionate about, doesn’t it?

If, like myself, you’ve experienced back duress you know how it permeates your life and affects nearly every other part of your body. Dr. Jackson uses his education, experience, and modern chiropractic techniques to make the world a better place—one back at a time.

The Sign

Dr. Jackson worked directly with Lee Faulkner from TKO Signs. The doctor had a logo based on synapses (they pass electrical signals to nerve cells) but knew he needed more—he needed a sign, and not just any sign, he needed a sign that would easily identify his office from the other businesses around him; Lee took it from there. The sign was constructed of PVC; the letters were cut with a Zünd Router, and then painted. The paint, design, and lay-out all came together to make this sign work. Plainfield Family Chiropractic is easy to find—just look for the red sign.

If you’d like Lee and the TKO Signs team to help your business stand out, contact us—we’ve got your back.

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