I’m standing next to an Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in the Baltimore airport. My flight is on a two-hour delay. I’m charging my phone and laptop. This outlet, at the south end of Auntie Anne’s, is the third outlet I’ve tried. The first two didn’t have juice. I watch as others circle gate B like zombies as they search for the elusive charging station. I hear there’s a charging station up north from here, but no one has seen it.

50,000 Points and a…

Across the way from me is a kiosk manned by two hard working ladies. They offer passersbys 50,000 airline points to sign up for a Visa card; that’s enough for two round-trip tickets anywhere this airline flies. Not many people got by without being offered the opportunity to redeem the points. The kiosk team is persistent, but at the same time they’re friendly and unobtrusive. If only there were a way to attract folks to their kiosk??? Did I mention they have electricity at the kiosk?

A Free Power Station…

Setting up a free power station would attract a captive audience, and although it wouldn’t guarantee they would sign up for a visa card—the team would have more lead generation opportunities. The folks, who would take advantage of the power station, fit the target audience, and many would listen, to the sales pitch, out of gratitude.

Equals Opportunity

I wandered over to the kiosk, first explaining my wife wouldn’t allow me to sign up for a charge card—I’m not to be trusted. Then I explained the difficulty I had locating a place to charge my phone. She and I observed the vast majority of folks in the area were on mobile devices and many seemed to be searching for a power outlet. She enthusiastically (or politely) said she’d share the idea with her supervisor. Shortly after, a gentleman asked if he could charge his phone at their outlet—they said yes.

At least for me this seems like a no-brainer marketing opportunity. Solve a traveler’s problem and gain their attention. Maybe there’s more to it, but I wouldn’t bet against a free charging station increasing lead capture. If we open our eyes past the forest into the trees what opportunities may we find? Go take a look. There could be a powerful opportunity