Quick Tips for Better Social Media and Transparency
Are you honest, responsive, and thoughtful when it comes to your family and friends? Then let these traits carry over to your business world. Your customers will relate to you more if you open up and let your business become transparent. The word, “transparency,” has become popular through the development of social media and its strategies for business use. Being more transparent in business is one of the newer ways companies are connecting with customers. Combining social media and transparency can build better relationships and bigger business. Here are a few quick tips for using social media to become more transparent.

Social Media and Transparency

Be an expert in your field. Stick to what you know and discuss your expertise on social media outlets and blogs. The key is to be genuine and personable.

Offer your opinion or expertise on a subject, but don’t be too overbearing. Keep in mind, you are likely to offend someone with discussions about political or religious views. So, it is best to stay away from these topics. Remember, you need to be accountable for the content you are putting out there.

Be honest with your customers. You don’t have to air all your companies flaws, but being honest about issues that affect your customers is always the best decision.

Be responsive. Conversations and topics change so rapidly, you need to respond as they are happening. This will take some time, but it is well worth the effort. Just think of it as consistently networking with other professionals.

Think of your friends and followers as a community. Be thoughtful and supportive of their activities and businesses. Social media is not just about promoting yourself, it is also about promoting the endeavors of others and sharing good resources.

So how do you promote social media transparency, and how has it affected your customer relations?