Recognizing Your Most Qualified Sales Lead
Your best and most qualified sales lead is right in front of you. You know it’s there, but haven’t done much with it. The lead already trusts you, your product, service, and company. They pay their bills on time. They’re easy to work with and they look to you for direction and advice. Sounds like a dream customer, doesn’t it? It’s because they already ARE your customer.

You do your best to take care of your loyal customers. You make sure their orders are correct and on time. But if that’s ALL you do, you’re not really offering them all the help they deserve. Do you offer other products and services? Have you reached out and informed your customers about those offerings, or have you forced them into the marketplace? If so, there’s a good chance they’ll end up with providers who aren’t as loyal and trustworthy as you. Why would you let that happen?

Do Your Customers Know Everything You Do?

Inform your customers about every product and service you offer. Use newsletters and opt-in email marketing, train your CSR’s to mention add-on products, have an open-house, and send sales people into the field with new product presentations. Shame on you if a customer goes to someone else for a product or service you offer because they were unaware you offered it.

Anticipate, Don’t Wait

I was on a sales call with TKO Signs Manager, Lee Faulkner. On the call, Lee asked to tour the prospect’s manufacturing facility. On the tour, Lee suggested how the sign shop could help the prospect with our additional services. The following week, the prospect added many of the suggestions to the order. Look for the opportunity to help—don’t wait for it to fall in your lap. One of the best things you can do for your customer is to recognize where they need help—then solve their problem.

Prospecting, running ads, PR campaigns, and social media initiatives are all valuable and legitimate marketing methods, but don’t forget about your best prospect—the one you already have. Send a flyer, make 20 calls to existing customers, go visit an old friend, send a card or an email, but do it now—don’t wait for a customer to say, “Gosh, I wish I’d known YOU did that!”

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