Remaking a sign without rebuilding it is a smart use of resources. The New Circle church at 3421 N Park Ave in Indianapolis had a signage challenge. Their sign didn’t welcome visitors to the New Circle Church. The building had been the home of Our Redeemer Lutheran church since 1920. The sign reflected that. So, the sign would have to be changed. The challenge was doing so without spending thousands of dollars. The challenge was remaking a sign without rebuilding it.

Remaking a Sign Without Rebuilding it

The First Option  

Replace the entire structure. The original monument sign was mounted on a beautiful brick base with an arched top and capped columns. To recreate this in today’s market would cost more than $5,000. And it would be a waste to replace the brick structure.

The Second Option

A second option would be to keep the structure but replace the sign. Depending on the design, materials, and installation it could cost $1,500 or more to leave the structure intact but replace the sign.

The first and second options would be expensive for a comparatively new church and congregation (they began meeting Sunday evenings in the spring of 2014). However, there was a third option, with virtually no risk of damage to the existing sign, that would cost only a small percentage of the other two options.

The Third Option

The idea was to cover the existing sign with adhesive vinyl graphics. The New Circle Church logo and name were digitally printed on 3M 180 series adhesive vinyl. A member of the TKO Graphix installation team installed the graphic in the same way vehicle graphics are applied. I had done something similar for a business owned by friends in Clermont, IN. Spykes Bar and Grill.

What’s the Best Option?

What’s the best option? How do you decide which to choose? By learning what’s best for you. It may be that remaking a sign without rebuilding it is your best option. If we can be of any assistance, Contact Us.

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