Lee Faulkner from TKO Signs is a jack of all trades—when it comes to signs. One of the many interesting projects Lee has completed was refurbishing a Plainfield, IN historical marker. Lee and his team not only have the ability, know-how, and equipment to design, fabricate, and install all types of new signs, they’re able to restore and repair many types of existing signage depending on construction and condition.

The Yearly Friends Meeting Sign

The Plainfield historical marker, which Lee restored, may be found at the intersection of State Road 267 and U.S. 40. It marks the Friends (Quaker) yearly western meeting, which was first held at the Quaker house in 1858. The aluminum sign, installed in 1972, had seen better days. After carefully removing the sign, Lee stripped it to the aluminum base as he painstakingly brought the sign back to its original condition (if not better!)

Historical Signs in Indiana

There are over 500 historical markers in Indiana dating back to 1946. At the turn of the 20th century, interest in historical markers swept the nation, but most were privately and independently done. Unlike today’s markers, they weren’t uniform in construction or appearance. In the late 1920’s, the Indiana General Assembly authorized the Indiana Historical Bureau to develop a consistent historical marker design. During the years of depression in the 1930’s, work programs installed hundreds of temporary steel markers, but by the time of WWII they had deteriorated and were scraped for the metal. Interest peaked again in the 1960’s when signs were installed commemorating the 100th anniversary of civil war events. If you’d like to locate historical markers in your county IN.gov  offers this Find an Indiana Historical Marker site.

Whether you need a new sign to look like the old one, maintenance on an existing sign, or complete refurbishing and restoration contact us; we can’t help everyone with every sign, but we can offer the best advice that over 100 years of combined sign industry experience has to offer. We’d love to put new life in your old sign.

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