Yes, the content you create should be shared on any and every social network you broadcast on. If you’re only using Facebook—share it there, and if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share it on all three. I understand social networks are different. Facebook is more casual and personal, LinkedIn more businesslike and professional, and Twitter is more conversational. I’m not recommending you share the same content on each, just the contrary, what you like, share, or retweet should fit the network—one size doesn’t fit all. But, I’m not talking about everything you share. I’m talking about your blog posts, which should be a small part of what you share on social networks. Do you share your blog enough?

Do You Believe in Your Content?

Ask yourself this, is it worth sharing, does it solve problems, tell stories, offer insights, or make people laugh? If so, why wouldn’t you share it? Even if it’s a promotional marketing piece with an urgent call-to-action that connects readers with your website, I’ll ask the same question, why wouldn’t you share it? Why did you publish it in the first place? Is it time to share your blog more often?

But, Isn’t that Over Promoting?

I’ve heard this argument, but it doesn’t hold water. Only a small percentage of your followers on any network ever see your posts. And most of us have different fan bases on various networks. Yes, there’s some crossover, but there will be many who don’t follow you on multiple networks. Once again I ask, do you believe in your material? Do you want people to read it?

Shouldn’t it be Presented Differently on Each Network?

Maybe. Cross-posting from one network to another isn’t always a good idea. Too often you end up with a post that doesn’t fit the format of a network, such as a tweet originating from Facebook that is little more than a coded link on Twitter. You should share on every network you’re on, and time permitting, vary each to the style of the network. Personally, I don’t have time. What I do have time for is to go to each network and post directly on each guaranteeing it fits the format of the network. Don’t cross-post, cross-promote. Transparent note: I do cross-post from Instagram to Facebook on my personal account.

Won’t this Upset or Offend Some?

First, go back to the idea that not every one of your followers follows you on every channel, and if they do follow you on multiple networks there’s a reason—they like you or what you do. You probably won’t offend them.

Isn’t it Overkill?

Nope, it’s only overkill if you post the same content ten times in two days, and there’s an exception to that—it’s called Twitter. If you share the post once on most networks and a few times on Twitter it will not be overkill. Note—I also share evergreen archival posts on each network daily.

Share and Share Alike

What’s more important, to worry about overexposure in a social networking world where exposure is limited by algorithms, or spreading your message? Why do the most influential blogs have icons for sharing their content on multiple networks? Get the word out. Share what you publish. If you have any questions or ideas, leave me a comment.